HKS 13001-AF014 Интеркулер фронтальний для SUBARU IMPREZA GRB

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95245.00 грн.
  • We used R type core for larger size + low pressure loss for better performance than stock intercooler.
  • The side tank has effective usage of air flow of core bumper open from the intercooler entrance to exit.
  • We made it very short piping layout and large radius of bending to reduce the bad response caused by front mount layout. So it will have about same as the stock intercooler boost pressure spooling.
  • Stock intercooler in the engine compartment, the core tends to accumulate the heat from engine and cause knocking for the starting.By putting the intercooler in front help prevent the knocking and make it unbreakable tuning.
  • Core size (600×255.6×103), Stock (170×525×65)
  • You can improve performance with normal ECU but using HKS F-CON iS/V Pro for setting let you have more and better performance.
Cautions for Installation
  • You need modify the bumper and size of battery to B19L size for installation.
  • Can't use with the stock recirculation valve. SQV is installable. (The flange is welded into SQV pipe)
  • Need separate Racing Suction Reloaded.
  • You don’t need ECU setting for exhaust system tuning, but if you do the performance will get better. With already boost-up vehicles, we recommend the setting with F-CON iS or V Pro for better performance.
  • Approximate installation time is 5 to 6 hours


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