CUSCO LSD 167 R Pro adjust LSD Type-RS (rear, 1 way) for TOYOTA Supra (A80)

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LSD 167 R
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Cusco has built a reputation in automotive aftermarket industry because of the quality products they provide. Known mostly for their suspension components and braces, Cusco also offers LSD’s, clutches, and coilovers. Based out of Japan, Cusco designs all products to bolt on directly for superior fit and finish. Cusco products are designed enhance your driving experience by giving you greater control over your vehicle.

The Cusco Type-RS Pro Adjustable Limited Slip Differentials are recommended for Professional and Competition use, where even the slightest of milliseconds count. Among the available adjustments are the LSD lock-up timing and specific cam angle and timing, for faster and stronger LSD locks.

This Limited Slip can be adjusted to work as a 1-Way, 1.5-Way, or 2-Way by changing the cam chips. Cam angle is available from 0, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 or 60 degrees.

NOTE: 0 and 15 degree chips are for acceleration side only.

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