CUSCO HBD 150 A Limited slip differential Hybrid (rear, 1 way) for TOYOTA Mark X (GRX125)

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HBD 150 A
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Bring out the charm of new driving in AT cars. A differential developed exclusively for automatic vehicles creates the appeal of comfortable driving.

Excellent effect of hybrid differential.

  • Driving performance that cannot be experienced with a normal automatic car!
  • Suppresses the inner tire from spinning during cornering, and provides stable traction for comfortable cornering.
  • The feeling of swaying on undulations, gaps, ruts and puddles on the road surface is greatly improved, enabling stable driving.
  • Driving stability on low π (mu) road surfaces such as snow, wet, and unpaved roads is increased, and traction performance is improved.
  • It is an almighty setting that supports high-speed cruising, town riding, mountain roads, slopes, ski resorts, and even circuit runs.
  • You can enjoy driving with a premium feel by transmitting power to the road surface when the accelerator is turned on.

Outstanding reliability and durability

  • Based on many years of experience in LSD development and vast amounts of data
  • A coil spring is used to generate the initial, so the spring stroke is always kept. Unlike the cone plate type, it does not come into complete contact, and there is no wear or settling of the clutch plate.
  • The gears at the core are cold-forged, the differential case is made of chrome molybdenum, and a unique oil-through system is used to maintain stable performance.
  • It maintains stable performance for a long time without overhaul.

Easy to handle with automatic car tuning

  • Ultra-low initial, 1-way type, excellent compatibility with automatic vehicles
  • Since the base is a 1-way type, it starts to work when the accelerator is turned on, and is easy to handle with a normal differential feeling when the accelerator is turned off.
  • There is no problem matching with ABS during braking.
  • Since it is set to an ultra-low initial, there is no sense of incongruity at low speeds.
  • You can enjoy the unique acceleration feeling and control performance of the mechanical type that is different from the viscous, torsen, and helical types.
  • Since it is set to weaken the effect, there is no unpleasant dragging feeling during normal city driving, especially when driving at low speed, parking in a garage, turning back, etc.
  • There is no problem in matching with vehicles equipped with traction control, etc.
  • The comfort of an automatic car is the same, and there is no chattering sound.
  • Since the initial torque is generated from the outside, there is little change in behavior when the accelerator is turned on or off, and you can enjoy smooth and comfortable driving even with an AT vehicle.

Even if the LSD is not operating, the torque is applied from the beginning to make it move quickly. If you set it higher, you can get a stronger effect, but the turning performance will be worse and the drive system will be burdened.

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