CUSCO 925 62N CNH Coilover suspension kit STREET ZERO A for TOYOTA Estima/Tarago/Previa (ACR50W/GSR50W)

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925 62N CNH
61555.00 грн.

Low-down ride comfort and quietness are top-level. "Damping force 40-step adjustment" and "full-length adjustable vehicle height adjustment" provide optimal ride comfort regardless of the amount of low-down and fine-tuned vehicle height adjustment of the street series.

  • 40 steps of damping force adjustment
  • Full length adjustable vehicle height adjustment
  • Upper mount standard equipment
    (except models with upper mountless structure)
  • The minivan is standard equipped with a genuine shape rubber upper mount with high quietness.
  • Adopted CPRV (Pressure Control Valve)
  • Silent design that suppresses the operating sound (squeaky sound) of damping adjustable shocks
  • Compatible with e-con2
    (Applicable models only)

Damping force (ride comfort) 40-stage adjustable type that clearly shows the difference

  • With a wide damping force adjustment range and uniform damping changes from 1 to 40 steps, you can easily adjust the ride comfort to your liking in any situation or stage. In addition, the knurled dial eliminates the need for tools for damping adjustment.

Full length adjustable vehicle height adjustment

  • "Overall length adjustment type" that does not change the suspension stroke even if the vehicle height is lowered. Both fine vehicle height adjustment and high ride comfort are achieved.

Upper mount standard equipment

  • Dedicated upper mount is standard equipment. By equipping the minivan with a quiet genuine rubber upper mount as standard equipment, we have achieved even greater comfort and improved workability by eliminating the need to change the upper mount from the genuine shock.

Adoption of CPRV (Pressure Control Valve)

  • A CPRV (pressure adjustment valve) is adopted to optimize the change width so that the damping force does not drop more than necessary at low speeds. It provides the best ride comfort and high steering stability in all areas from low speed to high speed.

Designed specifically for each model to ensure sufficient bump stroke even when lowered

  • Since it is specially designed for each car model in the lineup, sufficient bump stroke is secured. In addition, we have thoroughly tested everything from a single passenger to a full passenger, and in the case of a minivan, we have made comfortable settings for the third seat.

Adoption of a twin-tube shock provides a mild ride and sufficient stroke

  • A dual-tube structure low-pressure gas shock absorber is used to provide a mild ride. The generous shell case and piston diameter ensure ample oil capacity, and by exhibiting smooth damping characteristics, both a smooth ride and high driving performance are achieved.

e-con2 compatible

  • Compatible with "e-con2" that allows you to adjust the damping force with a single button from the driver's seat. The optimum damping force can be adjusted at any time according to the scene (applicable models only).

Attention to detail

  • "Nickel chrome plating" is used for the adjustment screws to protect them from rust, sand and dust. In addition, we are thoroughly particular about quality, such as inserting a high polymer thrust sheet to prevent the lock nut from loosening and improve quietness.


  • Recommended Ride Height Range (mm): Front -70 to -30; Rear -50 to -30
  • Max Ride Height Range (mm): Front -92 to -15; Rear -50 to -15
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