CUSCO 870 311 A32 PE, PD, PF F Стабілізатор

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870 311 A32
11732.00 грн.

The CUSCO Sway Bar Kit replaces the factory sway bars (if equipped) and uses the factory mounting locations. The CUSCO Sway Bar will dramatically reduce body roll since its stiffness is greater than the factory sway bar or if the vehicle is not equipped with one. The larger diameter and steel strength bar give the CUSCO Sway Bar more resistance against torsion, which helps keep the vehicle stabilized during cornering and reduces weight transfer.

  • Reduce body roll without change of ride comfort
  • Improve stability during lane-change at high speeds
  • Vehicle specific spring rate settings


  • Position: Front
  • Outer Diameter: 30; Cusco: 23
  • Ratio with Standard: 1st Stage: 132%
  • Note: bushing included
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