CUSCO 677 65T F Suspension kit TOURING A (front) for SUBARU Forester (SHJ/SH5/SH9)

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677 65T F
18249.00 грн.

Genuine shape + 40-step damping force adjustment shock absorber "CUSCO touring A" is now on sale. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the ride comfort and taste according to the situation without changing the vehicle height, and who feel unsatisfactory with genuine shock absorbers.

  • 40 steps of damping force adjustment
  • Upright, double-tube type, genuine shape shock absorber
    *Genuine shape = shock length, rod length, stroke, spring seat position (excluding some models)
  • Compatible with genuine upper mounts and genuine shape springs
    *It is also possible to use in combination with Cusco pillow ball upper mounts and lowdown springs.
  • Quiet design that suppresses the operating noise (squeaky noise) peculiar to damping force adjustable shock absorbers
  • Electric damping force adjustment controller "e-con2" compatible (sold separately)

Damping force (ride comfort) 40-stage adjustable type that clearly shows the difference

  • With a wide damping force adjustment range and uniform damping changes from 1 to 40 steps, you can easily adjust the ride comfort to your liking in any situation or stage. In addition, the knurled dial eliminates the need for tools for damping adjustment.

e-con2 compatible (sold separately)

  • Compatible with "e-con2" that allows you to adjust the damping force with a single button from the driver's seat. You can always adjust to the optimum damping force according to the scene.

Adoption of CPRV (Pressure Control Valve)

  • A CPRV (pressure adjustment valve) is adopted to optimize the change width so that the damping force does not drop more than necessary at low speeds. It provides the best ride comfort and high steering stability in all areas from low speed to high speed.


  • Dumping Force: 40 steps
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