CUSCO 673 009 A маслоуловітель 0,6L для IMPREZA GDB

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673 009 A
5562.00 грн.

The CUSCO Oil Catch Tank/Can aids in trapping the harmful engine blow-by gases which can hinder engine performance and rob horsepower. A typical modern day gasoline powered engines are equipped with a blow-by re-circulation passage that reenters the harmful gases back into the combustion chamber for emissions purposes.

When routed inline with the crankcase PCV system, this oil catch can traps the harmful gasoline/oil mixture that made their way through the piston rings, and out the valve cover. This way, the oil/gasoline mixed substance is not reentered into the combustion chamber, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient burn.

CUSCO offers various types of oil catch tank, Vehicle specific type or Universal mount type.

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