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00C 022 R560
12384.00 грн.

Achieves sportiness like a metal disc and ease of handling in normal driving. Adopts a copper (copper wire) and carbon molded facing using a unique special manufacturing method.

Measures against heat
Resistant to temperature changes during actual driving.
From starting at low temperatures to clutch operation at high temperatures, even in situations where temperature changes are unavoidable, you can experience excellent control performance with a stable friction coefficient and high wear resistance.

Smooth start.
The unique judder found in conventional metal discs has been greatly reduced, and the width of the half-clutch has been increased to enable smooth starting and clutch operation. In terms of feeling, it is a clutch that is easy to handle even for beginners with a reinforced clutch that does not have a sudden feeling of connection like metal.

Also suitable for drifting and sports driving.
It is resistant to "warping" of the disc body that occurs under conditions where the disc becomes hot, such as when the clutch is kicked during drifting. It is also resistant to "slipping" and reliably supports high-output engines.

Outstanding burst strength.
Normally, increasing the amount of copper makes it difficult for the facings to bond together, making it easier to scatter (burst). Cusco solves this problem with its own technology. It enhances the bonding between carbon and copper, exhibits stable transmission performance even at high temperatures, and supports high rotation and high output. As a result, it passed the strength test at a high load of 12,500 rpm (measured by our company), and achieved excellent connection even at high rotation.

Uses a damper spring.
A damper spring is used to realize ease of handling such as when starting. This reduces the noise of the mission and reduces the load on the disc itself and the mission.


  • Outer diameter: 230
  • Spline diameter: 26.1
  • Number of spline teeth: T23
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